Monday, August 30, 2010

My Amzing Weekend

First came the Road Dogs game on Friday. Our seats were between home base and first but they were in the 200's section, so we decided to sit in the 100's section to be closer to the field until we got kicked out.

Well, we didn't get kicked out and had the perfect spot. Nick, Joe, and Kevin all looked amazing in their uniforms, haha. Big Rob ended up walking through the stadium to get to the field and right before he was about to walk past us so we could get a high five, he turned down the stairs to get to the field. So. Close. Haha.

The National Anthem was the funniest thing. They all stood in a line with their hats off, but Joe having the worst attention span ever, starts eating his hat, It was sooo funny. The game started and the Flyers were up first. Kevin and Nick were basically right in front of us as Pitcher and First Base. Joe was on our side, but in the out field so he was kind of far. He wasn't getting much action back there so it was funny watching him because he honestly had nothing to do.

Every time the Road Dogs were up to bat was amazing. First base was probably only 30 feet away from us, so it was fun trying to get the boys attention when they were on the base. This involved getting our entire section to scream their name at once and holding up signs. I got a thumbs up from Kevin for my "Kevin is Amazing" sign and my friend got a thumbs up from Nick for her "Free Hugs for a Jonas" sign.

About halfway through the game I for some reason looked up behind me and noticed that the Camp Rock 2 cast all had a suite and were on the balcony watching the game. We then started shouting the names of the dancers and actors and they all waved.

At one point we noticed they all left the balcony so me and my friend decided to walk around the concourse to see if we could find them. We found Jordan Francis, Luke, and Shorty waiting to buy ice cream and got pictures with all of them.

Back at our seats, we saw MDot and Alyson Stoner again and got more waves from them. My friends tried to get MDot to come down by holding up their "Free Hugs" signs and folding over the part that said "For Jonas". He didn't come down, but they did sort of have a conversation with them.

In the end, the Road Dogs killed the Flyers. When they did a lap around the field, we probably could have been one of the people to get and high five, except we were right in front of the Flyers dug out. We stood on top of it and stuck our hands over the edge hoping they might go into the dugout to see us, but they didn't :( We Just got more waves.

We ended up sitting outside their bus by a fence hoping they'd go meet fans, but they didn't. They just waved. Again.

Arthur Ashe Kids Day was pretty cool, too. Our seats were right behind the stage (the stage is like attached to where people would sit in the lower section. so we were right above it) and when you looked down you could see into one of the suites where all the Camp Rock 2 people were. We said hi to the dancers who were sitting out and then Joe came out and everyone started screaming his name so he went back inside, haha. Then we saw Garbo and Jack Lawless.

After that we decided to go wait backstage to see if we could meet some people. We saw Nick, Kevin, Joe, Demi, and all the Camp Rock dancers going to the stage and coming out but they didn't come to meet us. Then we saw Allstar Weekend but they were walking on the level above us. but they waved and it was really cool. Dillon was the only one who was aloud to come and say hi, so he did and he was really nice. We missed the Jonas performance because we were backstage and after they performed their were probably 50 people waiting to see them backstage compared to the 10 when Dillon came to meet us, so that's probably why they couldn't come over and at least say hi. I'm seriously losing hope in meeting them. We stayed back there through David Archuleta and Shontelle's performances. Shontelle waved to everybody and David came over to meet fans, but he went to the opposite side I was on :(

After that we just went back to our seats to watch Allstar Weekend perform because we knew we would be meeting them the next day anyway. They were amazing, obviously, haha :D Before the left the stage we were trying to get their attention. They all waved and when got a "Thank you," from Michael when we yelled "Michael Martinez is hot!" haha.

Then we went back to the backstage area to see if Allstar Weekend would come out, but they didn't we met Quddus though, and he was really nice.

The next day was Adub again at Starland Ballroom, which is seriously the sketchiest place I have ever been too, lol. My friend had won two private meet and greets from Radio Disney, so she put all of our names in a hat to see who got to go with her, and my name got pulled! The Radio Disney people took us to this really sketchy kitchen place in the back of the venue and we waited for about five minutes before the boys came in. I think they had the same reaction as we did about where the meet and greet was taking place.

Me and my friend purposely went to the back of the line so we could have more time with them. When we finally got up there, the first thing Cameron says is "I think I remember you guys." Which was so cool cause we met them in March. We talked to them for a little bit and then had them sign some stuff and took a picture. And then they gave us all hugs and oh my gosh, Cameron gives the best hugs ever!

After that we went back to the main stage room which was already filled with people, so we hung around the side of the stage,where they let us from the meet and greet. Action Item kept walking back and forth past us during the two openers, but we only got to talk to Brian. He was really nice and when I told him how excited I was too see him he gave me a hug.

I manged to push my way closer to the stage for Action Item, who were great, and Allstar Weekend who were also amazing :D

After, Allstar Weekend did a really fast meet and greet for everyone and while we were waiting on line, Action Item was walking around talking to people and selling their CDs. I got picture with all of them and got a hug from Anthony for giving him the picture I colored him xD And I finally bought their CD.

The second meet and greet with Adub was super fast. Basically you gave a person you camera, stood with the boys, took the picture, and it was over. No hugs or anything. It was okay though.

When we left the venue we went to the back of it where Allstar Weekend's van was and waited for them to come out. Action Item was out there so we got to talk to them again, and get hugs :D

Allstar Weekend came out and it was all the fans that had known them for awhile so no one was like screaming or freaking out. Cameron was like "Wow, it's so quiet," haha. And didn't make my way to the front of the pack to get more pictures and autographs, but I did get hugs from Zach and Nathan. Nathan said "I love you" and it was so adorable. Then they had to leave to get to NYC for GMA in the morning. Before we left the venue for good, I went to get a hug from David from Action Item because I hadn't gotten a hug from him yet, and he seriously gave a better hug then Cameron. It was the greatest thing ever.

So yeah, that was my amazing weekend :D

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