Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Weeks.

3 weeks ago I posted two videos on YouTube. I didn't think much of it. I've been posting YouTube videos for over a year.
They were simple, as always. Just me and my guitar, playing a new favorite song. In this case, Introducing Me from Camp Rock 2.
I did something special with one of the videos though. I sang it as fast as I could, in attempt to beat Nick Jonas. I succeeded. But I wasn't really trying to compete. I was just having fun doing something I love.
Suddenly I'm getting 10 emails a day. Comments. Friend Invites. Subscribers. (Oh my! :P) Why is this video getting so popular?!
Soon my normal version of this cover is getting popular. I'm confused. What did I do that was any different from my other videos.
But I'm very thankful for it all. Every comment, even the annoying ones, mean a lot. The fact that someone felt I was worthy enough to hate on is a compliment, even if not intended.
3 weeks ago I had 77 subscribers, 250 friends I added myself, and not a single video with a view count of over 2,000. And only one with over 1,000.
Today I have 107 subscribers, 309 friends, a video with almost 3,000 views, and a video with almost 6,000 views.
3 weeks ago I was wondering if YouTube was the right way to get myself out there.
Today I know it is. And I'm proud to say I'm finally starting too.

Thank You <3

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