Sunday, June 6, 2010

Books For School

So I love books. I love reading. I love getting captured in a story, becoming addicted to the plot line and falling in love with the stories. While I'd like to say this happens with all books I read, it doesn't. And this is solely because I am forced to read books for school. Now I know everyone has to do this, but I feel that it isn't necessarily fair. I feel that the purpose of reading is for enjoyment. I understand that all the analyzing, finding symbolism, and all the other stuff that teachers make you do is important to make you more educated, but I feel it is pointless when you have a passionate hate for the book you're reading. Are you really learning anything if you're doing everything in your power not to remember this book?

I think students deserve choice. Maybe not total freedom, because some stories just aren't school appropriate, but wouldn't it be nice if we received a list of books we could read this year, pick three or four, and then do our assignments on them? It would be like summer reading, just on a larger scale. Maybe then more students would actually read the novels instead of abusing Spark Notes, and possibly teachers would be able to get through units quicker.

But I know this is unrealistic. How is a teacher supposed to teach if the students are all reading different books? I guess it's merely a dream to have some sort of choice. So now I'm off to start reading a book for class that I would rather not be reading right now :P

That's all for now <3

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