Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

So today I attended an open mic night at my friend's friend's church. It was slightly awkward at first because I only knew the two friends I came with, but it was a church youth group event and everyone who came was nice.

After I performed my song, everyone clapped like they had been for the other performers and I walked back to my seat and grabbed my guitar case from the table I left it. Now my guitar case isn't really much. It's basically a pouch that opens up just enough at the bottom to slip my guitar in, and it has a handle to make carrying it easier. But it's not made of a hard or padded material, so it's more of a carrying case than a protective case, which isn't too good, but it was all I had.

I sat and watched the the next performer and when their performance ended, I was surprise to see a guy walk up to me. He was in a band that already performed two songs and were talking about how they were going to be playing a show at a minor league baseball stadium and that they were looking to get a record deal soon. So seeing the lead singer approach me was definitely surprising.

He looked down at my guitar case and told me it was the worse guitar case he had ever seen, and asked if I wanted a new one. I said yes, but I figured he was just being hypothetical. Then he offered to give me his,apologizing because it was a little beat up, but saying it was better than what I had. I was in shock. Was this stranger really going to just give me his guitar case? None the less, I accepted his offer and was sure to thank him a few times. Later on after he was going to perform another song, he pulled me up to the front to give me the case in front of everyone.

I may be a proud owner of a new (sort of) guitar case, but I received more than that. This random guy gave me hope. He made me realize that there are good people in this world, willing to do things to help others in need. Now maybe I'm not that needy, but that guitar case probably just saved my guitar from getting beat up anymore than it already has in my old case. His simple gesture of kindness made my night, and now I feel inspired to do something like that to help a stranger. And I know it sounds corny, but I encourage you to try and do something for a stranger, something that will make them happy. I dare you.

That's all for now <3

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