Saturday, June 5, 2010

Video Projects

So today and tomorrow have been dedicated to video projects. Whenever I get a video project in class, I get really excited. I mean, I make videos for fun, getting to do them for school should be awesome. But I'm starting to realize it's really not.

First, you basically have to sacrifice an entire day for them. A day out of your own time that you could be spending hanging out with your friends, or playing around on the computer, or reading a book. Even if the project is with your friends, talking to a camera all day isn't always fun.

But sometimes, you try to make it fun. You try to make it cool, and show off your video editing skills. That's always my first impression. But now I'm realizing, the teacher doesn't care if your video is high quality, or if you have cool music in the background. They only care about the content. And I'm probably not going to do so well on video project number one because I just realized that now. Hopefully in video project two, I'll learn from my mistakes.

That's all for now <3

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